Frequently Asked Questions

When do you hold your swim lessons?

The Rocky Mountain Swim School is a year-round teaching facility. Our classes are open enrollment, meaning there's no start or stop date. You can begin whenever you are ready. We have teachers available on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 10:00am thru 6:00pm.

Initial Enrollment
When signing up for lessons, we due ask swimmers to make a two month commitment, allotting for time for the child to adjust to the swim teaching environment as well as the SSI Gold Script Teaching Program. This ensures your child's place in a class without interruption. At the end of that time your monthly tuition is due by the 5th day of each month. If tuition is not received by that time your child will be removed from lessons, and your time slot will be made available to those on our waiting list. No exceptions!

How often are swim lessons?

Classes meet once per week on the same day and at the same time. This allows the teachers to have continuity of training with every student. This builds a structured program for the student.

What size is the class?

We limit our classes to no more than four students per teacher. This allows the students to get the ideal level of attention from their teacher, while still having the opportunity to observe their peers performing the in-water skills.

How do I know what level my swimmer will be in?          

The first part of any lesson is an evaluation, where the teacher will test the student's skills in the water; this allows us to determine the student's strengths and identify where they can improve. Proper placement is important; our certified teachers will place the student according to their skill level.

1. If the student is in a class below their skill level they can become bored and won't learn at an optimal level

2. If the student is in a class above their skill level they can get frustrated and discouraged.

How long will my child stay in a level?

There are 18 components to every level. Time in a level will depend on your child's water acclimation and coordination. Please remember that every child is different. Our swim teachers will make sure that your child is challenged based on his or her skill level

When will my child be able to swim?

That depends. Children have their own special gifts. Some are gifted musicians, some are born athletes, and some are graceful and can dance beautifully. Swimming requires coordination, endurance and strength; this can take time. Each child's learning curve and comfort level depend on their experience around water and their personality

How can I register for swim lessons?

A phone call with Students name and parent information along with credit card will register the student for a class.
If you need to verify scheduling, we will do a 48-hour hold.  
We accept cash, personal checks and all major credit cards.

What if I have to miss a class?

Each student is permitted one excused absence per two months due to illness. We are more than happy to schedule a makeup for any excused absences and ask that the makeup is scheduled in a preexisting class the same month as the absence. If the absence occurs at the end of the month, students are permitted to schedule a makeup for the beginning of the following month.

Excused absences are for sick students only. We take our students' comfort and safety very seriously and ask that you give the same attention to their swim program as you would to dance, sports, or school lessons. By planning ahead, and paying only for the lessons you know you will be able to attend each month, you enable us to schedule our teachers accordingly and provide our students with the best swim instruction possible. Because we pay our teachers regardless of whether students arrive for class, we will not be giving refunds for unexcused absences.

What if I need to change time and/or day of swim lessons?

There will be a $25.00 fee to transfer to a different time or day, with a limit of one per annual quarter.

What are the class costs?

The cost is $78 per month, $70 for an additional family member, as well as an enrollment fee of $25 for the first family member and $10 for each additional family member. This fee is used for registration and the liability insurance that covers our teachers and every one of their students.

We do ask for a 30 day notice for withdrawal from a class.  This allows us to contact people on our wait list.  If you do choose to take a break, a $25.00 re-enrollment fee is applied upon return.

Are your teachers certified?

All of our swim teachers are certified through Swim Schools International, and carry Professional Liability Insurance.

Who is Swim Schools International?

Swim Schools International is a swim teacher certification agency. Swim Schools International stands as the paradigm for swim teacher certification worldwide. Their training initiatives and certification requirements ensure that our swim teachers are capable of meeting the needs and abilities of swimmers of all ages - from 6 months old all the way through adulthood.